Image source: Steam

Meridian: Squad 22 is the upcoming sequel to Meridian: New World, a fairly recent pretty-looking RTS that was made by one man (with help from some people). I didn’t play New World, but I remember putting it on my mental wishlist. Then it released to not-so positive reviews, leading to its removal from that wishlist.

Nevertheless, I’m kind of interested in Squad 22, although you can probably attribute that more to the graphics then anything else at the moment. Despite the title, Squad 22 maintains base-building and clashes between sizeable forces instead of pulling a Dawn of War 2-like stunt and down-scaling the scope and gameplay. It’s also including naval units, which elicits a small “yay” from me. It’s also going to be “focused on the water surface”, and based on my experience with Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 I don’t think I’ll be reacting to that bit with a “yay” for now.

Aside from that, there’ll be camera zooming and rotation (surprised that these two weren’t in the first game, since they seem to be a standard part of any RTS), as well as improvements to the graphics and unit path-finding. And in addition to the campaign, there’ll be a Planetary Conquest mode with “over 100 procedurally generated missions”, ensuring extra hours of singleplayer commanding and conquering. There won’t be any multiplayer component however, just like New World.

Meridian: Squad 22 will launch as an Early Access title first, with the full release coming ten weeks later. The game is said to already be in a “good, early beta state”, and combined with the not-that long duration of the Early Access phase, it (probably) means that it won’t be a buggy, unstable mess when it goes on sale.