The rumours about the new Call of Duty being set in space were kinda true after all. Skip to 1:47 of the recently-released Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer and you’ll see spaceships blasting away at each other. Later parts of the trailer show more space-bound action and what seems to be a different planet. I was hoping to see a return to modern times (Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 were my first two CoD games, so that’s probably why I wanted to see something less futuristic next), but this looks pretty cool! Let’s hope the spaceships handle slightly much better than the aircraft sections in AW and BO3 though.

There’s also ground-based action of course, but personally I enjoyed looking at the fancy spaceships in the skies more than the shooty action and robots.

As for the plot, it seems that Earth gets hit by a nasty surprise attack by some faction called the Settlement Defense Front and ends up going to war with them. I’m guessing it’s one of those space settlements rising up against vs. Earth kind of story. The YouTube description also says “Take Command on November 4.” Sounds like we might be doing more than just shooting (maybe).

If you’re really fed up with all this futuristic stuff and want to see modern action, then skip to 3:10 to check out the remastered Modern Warfare. It’ll come with 10 multiplayer maps (and the campaign of course) and requires one to pre-order the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare to get it.

*Originally published on Gamehubs