The Dawn of War-related news that was teased yesterday turned out to be Dawn of War 3 after all. The announcement trailer was just released and sent chills up my spine, despite me not really being a fan of the series (the only Dawn of War game I really liked was vanilla Dawn of War 2. I like the 40k universe though).

Space Marines, Orks and Eldar are back, and it seems that the Space Marines will once again be represented by the Blood Ravens. The Imperial Knights are also joining the merry proceedings, presumably as part of the Space Marine force since one bit in the trailer says there’re “three devastating forces”, which I assume are the Emperor’s Finest, the Greenskins, and the space elves.

It’s also a very dark and grim trailer. I know Warhammer 40k is set in the “grim darkness of the far future”, but I definitely did not find the DoW games I played (or the tabletop game. Or the books) to be this grim.

Oh well, as the Emperor wills.


Some screenshots of Dawn of War 3 have been released. Based on these the scale seems to be larger than that of vanilla Dawn of War 2 (similar to Retribution if you didn’t just stick with the heroes), and it seems that the Imperial Knights will indeed be part of the Space Marine army. The game also seems rather sleek and shiny.

(Screenshots taken from PC Gamer)




*Update 2:

The Dawn of War 3 Steam page is up and comes with more info:

UNLEASH THE GIANTS – Touted as thebiggest characters in Dawn of War history”are the new units the Imperial Knight (Space Marine), the Gorkanaut (Ork), and the Wraithknight (Eldar).

COLOSSAL BATTLES – “Dawn of War is famous for its epic action and those immense clashes are back – but now they’re off-the-scale. Wage war with massive armies across violent volcanic terrain or onboard battlecruisers travelling fast through space.” Guess it’s back to Dawn of War-style gameplay, despite the screenshots, but it could be something else entirely, like maybe large-scale warfare but no base-building like DoW 2.

CALL UP YOUR ELITE – Deployable “powerful collectible elite squads, each boasting their own special abilities and bonuses”sounds like elements from DoW 2’s squad-based RTS-RPG gameplay will return.

DESTRUCTIVE ABILITIES  There’ll be super-abilities i.e the Space Marine’s Orbital Bombardment, the Eldar’s blistering Eldritch Storm and the Ork’s Rokks.

THREE-FACTION CAMPAIGN  Space Marines, Eldar and Orks, as the trailer indicates.

The next two I’ll just copy-paste:

ONE ARMY TO RULE – Build your own universal army from the very first moment you are matched in a melee. Progress through battle after battle with loyal troops by your side across both challenging campaign missions and dominating multiplayer maps.

A NEW DAWN ONLINE – Your army will wreak havoc in online co-operative mode. Join the multiplayer community and forge new alliances – then turn the tables on your new ‘friends’ as they become foes in explosive, chaotic and competitive maps.