The new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare “Ship Assault” video shows off more of the campaign, and features the protagonist and his allies blasting their way through an enemy ship… but not before we get to check out a dogfight in space and a zero gravity gun fight involving grappling hooks.

To be honest, it looks pretty nice! While the guns don’t sound particularly satisfying to fire to my ears (especially compared to Battlefield 1), the dogfighting and the shootout in space (which is where the grappling hook first shows up) seem pretty darn fun. And while I was worried that things would get a bit dull once the battle shifted to within the enemy ship, the anti-gravity grenade and retractable shield (which reminds me of the one from Advanced Warfare) were there to assuage those fears a bit. Hopefully we’ll be getting other equipment to liven up the more traditional boots-on-ground sections in the full game.

Based on the look of the mission selection screen, we might be able to select which mission we want to tackle first (the mission selection screen is slightly remniscent of Warframe’s old planet selection screen too). It’d be nice if we’d get some side missions or have our choices affect things a bit, either by offering different unlocks or affecting the story a bit.

And for those of you who’re more interested in modern warfare than Infinite Warfare’s sci-fi theme, there’s more of Modern Warfare Remastered at the end of the video.

*Originally published on Gamehubs