*This article was originally published on Gamehubs

The remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is coming out this year, bundled as part of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Legacy and Digital Deluxe editions (as well as the Gamestop Exclusive Legacy Pro edition). Despite the high price of those editions (RM 310 and RM 389 on Steam for the Digital Legacy and Digital Deluxe editions respectively), experiencing or re-experiencing the game with modern and updated production values is still an enticing offer (I got interested solely because of the new silenced MP5 sound…).  And if it ditches the highly annoying infinite enemy spawns, well, that’s even better.

Still, I think there’re some aspects of the original that give it the edge over the remastered version – or any new CoD – and provide good reason to go for it instead, particularly when it comes to Southeast Asian (SEA) gamers and the PC platform. Here they are:

1) More Asia-based Server Locations

Not the most accurate picture for this point, but you get the idea. Image source: Call of Duty Wiki

Black Ops 3’s official Asian servers are located in Japan only, and it’s likely that that’ll be the case too with Modern Warfare Remastered, since CoD doesn’t seem to be such a big thing in Asia. I get 120-170 ping playing on the Japanese servers, and while I’m fine with those numbers and find the experience pretty smooth, there are many who would probably balk at the idea of playing with over 100 ping. And if those servers are filled – which doesn’t happen that often for me but isn’t uncommon either – you’ll probably end up in games with 200+ ping.

With Modern Warfare, you’ll find servers in closer regions like India, Sri Lanka, and – according to Gametracker at time of writing – there’re even populated servers in Singapore as well! I frequented the Indian and Sri Lankan servers when I played Modern Warfare’s multiplayer a few months back, and my ping usually ranged from 40 to 60. Much lower and less objectionable numbers than what you’d get in Black Ops 3’s Japanese servers, and I’ve had no trouble finding populated games on low-ping servers.

2) More Multiplayer Maps

Will DLC maps like Broadcast be included in the remastered version’s 10-map roster?

Modern Warfare Remastered will release with 10 of the original’s 20 (21 if you include Winter Crash) multiplayer maps. It’s possible that the others will be added later (or, God forbid, released as paid DLC), but if that doesn’t happen, the remastered version will definitely feel somewhat lacking in content compared to the original.

3) 32-player Matches

CoD 4 boasts a higher player limit than post-World at War titles in the series.

The PC versions of Modern Warfare and World at War support up to 32 players, and many of the servers I found support at least 24 players. In comparison, every CoD since supports only 12 to 18 players, with the latter number found only in Ground War mode (and I’ve never managed to find a Ground War game).

I personally prefer the smaller player limit of the current CoDs for a couple of reasons (and I have a feeling that every match in Black Ops 3 would be shotgun hell if the game supported 32 players…), but I can’t deny that playing with over a dozen players most of the time is pretty darn fun and creates an experience you won’t find on consoles. It also makes it easier to get killstreaks (from my experience at least), so cheers to that!

4) Custom Servers

A custom killstreak in action.

Modern Warfare Remastered will have dedicated servers, says the FAQ, but they’ll most probably be limited to official and uncustomizable servers only. With the original however, we have servers where players can experience things not available on official servers, like custom killstreaks, higher experience gain and the ability to freely and easily switch between a third-person view and the standard first-person view.

The best part of this however, are the admin-set rules. Why? Because these rules are the reason you mostly likely will not experience the dreaded grenade launcher attachments and Matyrdom perk (I’ve encountered the former quite a few times in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, and it’s not a pleasant part of the game). If the Remastered version balances and tweaks these two things, however, then it’ll be alright, I guess.

5) It’s Cheaper


Wait for a Steam sale and you can get CoD 4 at RM18. Image source: Gamehubs

It’s a game from 2007, so the cheaper price is a given. It costs RM36 on Steam, and during sales it usually drops to RM18. It’s far from the best discounted price you’ll find on Steam, but hey, it’s still RM292 cheaper than Infinite Warfare’s Digital Legacy Edition right?

6) It Still Holds Up Pretty Well

CoD 4 still offers some pretty sights, even if it’s clearly dated.

While some of the weapons sound and feel underwhelming (to be fair, even Black Ops 3 has some guns that sound and feel crappy) and the campaign’s respawning enemies are annoying as hell, the game still holds up quite well after all these years. Both single player and multiplayer are fun (although I wasn’t blown away by the campaign), the game looks pretty okay on high settings and 1080p despite the visuals being obviously dated, and while player numbers aren’t what you’d call high I’ve found it really easy to find and join populated multiplayer matchs, though its mostly just Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Free-for-All modes from my experience. There’s the chance that some might migrate to the remastered version, but there’s also a high possibility that the original will still maintain its player-base partly because of the reasons mentioned.

So these are the reasons I think it might be better to go with the original Modern Warfare in lieu of the remastered edition. What do you think of them?