She was but a teenager
when I first met her,
two years ago,
filled with youthful charm
and innocence, relatively
But when we crossed paths again
last night, I discovered to my horror
and disgust
that she had been
reduced to a common

Her image and charm
had been tainted and squandered,
by tattoos and piercings and hair dye
inflicted by the man
who “loved her”,
and rented her out for profit.

But now her mind,
overcome with addiction,
no longer knew
loyalty to him,
and with her usefulness gone
he had cast her out
like trash.

And indeed she was like trash,
used and discarded,
unwanted by all
but the desperate and poor,
and I.

For I saw a once normal girl
now thrown away and forsaken by society,
and felt pity and sympathy.

I saw hints of her former value
and appeal,
and felt love and lust.

I saw a girl fresh into adulthood
with nowhere to go,
and saw an opportunity.

So I took her in, with motives
both selfless and selfish,
intending to restore her image
to its former glory,
and keep her by my side
for as long as possible.

And now she is my pet,
her loyalty maintained by
drugs and affection,
and I am her master,
disgusted yet so in love
with his pet and their circumstances.


*Inspired by elements of a manga I came across. Its title is “Henshin”, or Emergence, and it’s definitely not meant for underage readers.