At precisely midnight, a shrill and sudden honk pierced through the street, tearing out of slumber a startled young man in his twenties. Beside his bed, to be noticed by him in a moment, was a girl who had not set foot in his apartment before this night. Nor had she literally set her feet there on this night either, though rather than floating mystically in the air she was merely seated on the drawer with feet dangling in the air. As the young man slowly adjusted to being back from the world of dreams, the girl’s lips started to curl into a smile.

Outside, the moon shone upon the world in its full glory. Had its light been able to enter the young man’s abode, it would have illuminated the thin red thread that connected him and the girl by their little fingers – the fabled Red Thread of Fate… except that this was nothing like the thread from the popular belief.

But connected these two were indeed… and their destinies would end together. What this really meant, the young man would never anticipate. But he was going to find out.